About us

So what exactly does Magic Monkey Mean? Well, quite simply, NOTHING! It's just a goofy name that we hope soon becomes synonymous with cool, comfortable tees that you and your friends want to wear. Magic Monkey Tees was started by two life-long friends who have a long history of working in the screen printing industry both selling and designing shirts. One thing we have always hated are shirts that are uncomfortable! This is why we use only next level tees and tanks (or equivalant in softness and weight) . We have been using these products since they came out and everyone who puts one on says they are one of the most comfortable tees they own! Another thing we have always disliked are shirts that have enough ink on them to stop a bullet! Our designs are, and always will be simplistic. After all, what good is it to have an incredibly soft shirt that is uncomfortable and stiff because of the print. We have a very small selection for a reason... we want our products to be consistent in quality, shipped quickly and orders fulfilled accurately. We will be adding products 1-2 at a time and some will be in limited runs. Most of what we sell and design outside of this site is geared towards the fitness industry so you will see a number of "fitness themed" designs, however, we will at times have other designs on the site. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions and thank you so much checking us out!